Reservation & Selection
Policies for Unborn Litters
When the puppies are born we immediately (within 24 hours)
email lots of photos to the first pick male and female buyers.
They have a few days to either select a puppy or pass on the
litter before I move along and send photos of available puppies
to the second pick buyers and so on until everyone with
advance reservations have selected. If you pass on the litter,
your deposit is immediately refundable or transferable towards
another puppy/litter- your choice.
If you do decide to select a
puppy at that time, your deposit becomes non-refundable once
you ask us to hold a specific puppy and your deposit will be
applied to hold the puppy you have selected.
In the end, any
puppies that are not selected by buyers with advance
reservations are then posted on our web site and available to
others. Most of our puppies are spoken for long before the age
they can safely begin to receive visitors or leave for their new
homes (7+ weeks), so reserving earliest will always give a buyer
the greatest selection, however it never "commits" you to a
puppy you select this young, or have not met in person yet.
Reserving pick order in an unborn litter only gives you advance
opportunity to select early in a litter before others!  

Additionally, once you have a deposit in with us, we do try our
best to give priority consideration to those who have shown a
commitment by already having a deposit in with us.  Your
deposit not only holds your pick order spot in the litter of your
choosing, but also simultaneously acts as a "floating deposit"
for any other puppies becoming unexpectedly available from
other litters, before we post them on our web site as available to

For all litters, I update photos at birth and again at 25 days of age
and once again at 6 1/2 to 7 weeks old.  Unfortunately, I am not
able to update the litters more frequently due to time
constraints.  Also, I do add video clips at 7 weeks old.  

Because first picks go very young, you are always welcome to
re-select if you change your mind about your puppy as they
mature, for any reason. Though your deposit is not refundable
once you ask us to hold a particular puppy and turn other buyers
away, we will absolutely transfer your deposit towards any other
puppy or upcoming litter if you change your mind about the
puppy you initially selected at birth!  We only have two
limitations to honoring a deposit:  Because costs of
re-advertising a puppy is both time consuming and expensive,
we ask that buyers limit re-selecting to no more then just one
time and we must be notified of any reselections prior to your
puppy turning 8 weeks old.  At 7 weeks old they can have
visitors in person. Puppies can go home between 7-8 weeks old,
depending on their exact vaccination regimen. When you meet
the puppy in person for him/her to go home, you are still
welcome then to pass on the puppy and re-select or wait for
another litter so long as the puppy is still under 8 weeks old.
This way, you are never ever committed to a puppy before you
actually are able to see and meet your puppy in person at 7
weeks old.

Balances due for puppies are due no later then the date they
turn 8 weeks old.
Please Read Fully Before Considering Sending A
Deposit to Reserve A Spot In A Wendover Terriers Litter